Mr. Jean-Marie Dumon


Graduated twice by engineer High Schools (French Naval Academy and Advanced Technologies National High School), naval officer since 1984, auditor at the War College and the Institute of Advanced Studies of National Defense, Jean-Marie Dumon has held many operational, technical and management responsibilities in the French Navy.

He was involved in operations during the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War and the Afghan conflict.

He has embarked on numerous warships and commanded two scientific ships for distant missions and oceanographic cooperation.

He has led government commissions for ship experiments, civilian port development projects and technical investigations after sea accidents. He has been strategic advisor to several senior defence officials on reforms, organization, industrial affairs and innovation.

At the rank of Captain, he left the service of the State to join professional organizations. First at MEDEF (first French business union), as general secretary in charge of defense affairs, then since 2018 as deputy director of the French Maritime Industry Association (GICAN)