Mr. Eleftherios Andreadis


Eleftherios Andreadis is a senior Policy Officer for industry engagement and EU policies in the European Defence Agency (EDA). His main responsibility is to both collect information and data from industry, and to make useful information available to industry, in particular to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

He is an Aeronautical Engineer with a diploma from the engineering department of the Hellenic Air Force Academy and he possesses a Master in Science and a Master in Philosophy in Engineering from Cranfield University.

He has a background in program management for the F110 military engines and extensive experience in the Applied Research and Technological Development Directorate, serving as Head of Unit in Aeronautics and Deputy Director of Aeronautics Applications. His expertise includes conducting flight testing for aircraft external store certification projects.

He possesses extensive international expertise, notably in EU defense initiatives and the defense industry. This expertise was acquired during his time at the European Defence Agency as a Project Officer for Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) and at the Ministry of Defence, where he served as a staff officer for EU defense initiatives and as an expert in the military office of the Minister of Defence.