Mr. Vasileios Tsiamis

Vasileios has more than thirty (30) years of experience on the Security and Defence sector from National, EU and International (NATO) capacities. He is based in Brussles.

He holds a University degree as military engineer from the Hellenic Army Academy, a Master of Arts (MA) on Management and Planning from the Hellenic Defence College, as well as a MA on International Politics from the Université Paris-Sud.

In addition, he holds a Master of Science (MSc) on Electrical and Computer Engineering, while he has also graduated from the European Security and Defence College following studies on the Common Security and Defence Policy of the EU.

He served as military engineer in the Hellenic Armed Forces (Col ret.) and for 10 years as Senior Advisor to the Head of the European Defence Agency/Vice President of the European Commission/Head of External Action Service.

He is an author of articles on European Security and Defence matters and was a lead author of the EU Military Mobility action plan and the establishment of the subsequent EU funding instrument.

Vasileios has vast experience on large scale Security and Defence procurement, research, development and technology programmes, both national and multinational (e.g., preparing/managing/implementing contracts, building public-private consortia, etc.).

He has a successful track record on national and multinational projects aiming to obtain public funding at national and European level (EDIDP, EDF, ESIF, H2020, ASAP, EIB etc.).

Having served in the EEAS/European Defence Agency from 2009 to 2019 as senior policy advisor, he has strong background on EU policies including associated funding instruments such as in the areas of Security and Defence, cyber, maritime, energy, circular economy, mobility and transport, health, space, advance manufacturing, radio spectrum and others.

Vasileios has accomplished several achievements in the Security and Defence sectors, including but not limited to being the EU representative in the BREXIT negotiations team, leading the Security and Defence chapter, the EU negotiator for the EU-NATO Joint Declarations of 2016 and 2018, and Lead negotiator for the Administrative Arrangements of EU with a partners such as Ukraine, US, Switzerland, Norway, Serbia etc.

Relevant experience

►Lead EU negotiator for the EU policy and associated action plan on Military Mobility

►EU representative for the EU-US relations on security and defence. Lead negotiator of the EU-NATO Joiny Declarations of 2016 and 2018 and the associated action plans

►Grant applications to access EU funding on EDIDP, EDF, ASAP.

►Main author of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base strategy as well as the European Research and Technology strategy. Advisor/Reviewer of the national defence industries of the Member States

►Programme leader on the prioritisation of technologies in the land, maritime and air industrial sectors in Defence and their association to available EU funding instruments as well as development of associated business models.

►Project leader for the first ever Security and Defence projects accessed European Structural and Investment Funds for dual use (Civ/Mil) projects in 2013-2014.

►Training of public and private Security and Defence stakeholders in their capacity to carry out European funded proposals.

►Since 2013, contribution and involvement to all EU Summits and Councils, including negotiations and the associated decisions.

►Chief negotiator and manager of EU partnerships organisations such as OSCE and UN.